Last Minute Gifts for the Whiskey Afficianado on Your List

It's almost Christmas, but I'm sure you've probably put some of your gift buying off til the last minute. Well if you have whiskey aficionados on your gift list you're in luck because I've compiled a handy list of great gifts for whiskey-lovers. Happy Holidays!

Non-Drinkable Gifts:
Obviously a bottle of whiskey is the easiest gift you can get for a whiskey drinker, but you may want to give something that will last a bit longer. In that case I recommend these 'whiskey accessories':

Glassware - glasses branded with a favorite whiskey's logo are always a hit. Thrift stores and distillery tours are the only places to find some of the more obscure branded glassware, but Amazon carries a few interesting options like these:

Books - There are dozens of great books out there for whiskey aficionados, some of which I have reviewed in past blog entries. A few of my top recommendations would be:

Home Bar - If you're into making gifts, what could be better than building a home bar for your favorite whiskey lover? Maybe they'll even invite you over for a drink. See my previous blog entries to read my thoughts on the best way to approach this endeavor: Part 1 and Part 2.

Whiskey Stones - DO NOT GIVE THIS ITEM...maybe I'm just a sucker for the old school ways of drinking whiskey, but to me these are pointless. The point is supposed to be that these whiskey stones chill your whiskey without watering it down like ice will. Well most people who drink whiskey over ice want it to be cold AND a bit watered down. Folks who drink it neat want it at room temperature and full strength. So, I conclude that these whiskey rocks are a clever solution to a problem most real whiskey drinkers don't have.

Drinkable Gifts:
If you're going to buy a bottle of whiskey for the whiskey-lover in your life follow a few basic rules:
1. Think about whether you want to get them something they already like or something they've never tried - some people like to try new things, other folks don't.
2. Think in terms of six basic categories when narrowing down what kind of whiskey to get - single malt Scotch, blended Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye, and 'other'. I'll include Canadian whisky in the 'other' category because there are really only a few gift-worthy Canadian bottles. Some folks would be happy with something from any category, other only drink one or two types of whiskey.
3. Pick a price range and shop within that range to find the best option - sometimes the best deals are higher priced whiskeys that drop into your price range because they are on sale. Comparison shopping online is a great way to find rock bottom prices, although shipping might be a hassle.

Here are a few options in each category that you can't go wrong with:

Single Malt Scotch:

Blended Scotch:
Cutty Sark - $24.99

Irish Whiskey:


McKenzie Rye - $37.99