Philadelphia Whiskey Week at Fiume

Beer week has grown into a huge to-do in Philadelphia over the past few years. Dozens and dozens of bars participate, there are endless events every night for more than a full week, and beer lovers come from all over to soak it all in. Well that all had to start somewhere, and now one bar is trying to start small and build a whiskey week for Philadelphia. Based on my visit last night I'd say they're off to a great start.

Fiume is a low profile little barroom above one of West Philadelphia's many Ethiopian restaurants - Abyssinia - at 45th and Locust. This restaurant happens to be where my wife and I had our first real date, but I had never been up to the tiny second floor whiskey bar that I kept hearing about until last night. It's very tiny actually - if you're familiar with West Philly Victorian homes you'll recognize Fiume as the bay-windowed front bedroom which is big for a bedroom, but small for a bar. It felt packed with about 20 patrons last night, but great things come in small packages. I'm sure Fiume is a great spot all year round, but for his first Whiskey Week bartender Kevin James Holland added 52 new whiskeys to his menu, giving Fiume one of the best whiskey selections in Philadelphia, especially when it comes to bourbons and ryes.

He has also made trying the numerous whiskeys on his list super easy by offering full or half servings (at half price) and by running happy hour from 6-9pm every day. While there last night I sampled a Michter's Rye and my wife had Elmer T. Lee bourbon, both of which were great, and could only be had at maybe one or two other spots in Philadelphia and nowhere at such bargain prices or from such a knowledgeable barkeep. Fiume is also offering themed flights (a 'smooth flight' for example) that allow you to taste your way through a series of whiskeys, and come complete with highly-educational commentary from Holland.

Whiskey Week at Fiume runs through Sunday December 12th so get there quick!

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Kevin James Holland said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jim.