Oh Taste & See: Town Branch Bourbon

It has been a good while since I wrote any new posts for this blog - mostly because I've been busy working on another spirits related project that is much more hands on - starting a distillery! Check that out here: http://CooperRiverDistillers.com.

Alas, I couldn't resist the urge to write about whiskey, so I'm back with a review of a very interesting bourbon that is from the heart of Kentucky bourbon country, but is not from one of the 'usual suspect' big distillers. This bourbon is Town Branch. Distilled in Lexington, KY it's the first bourbon from the Lyons Spirits division of Alltech, a large, multinational agribusiness company that also dabbles in brewing and distilling. If you've had Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Bluegrass Sundown Liquor, Pearse Lyons Reserve malt whiskey, or any number of animal feeds then you have sampled Alltech's products. The distilling side of the business grew out of the passion of Alltech's founder - Irishman Pearse Lyons - and you can taste his passion for whiskey in every sip of Town Branch Bourbon.

Color: Town Branch has a golden-honey color that is classic bourbon. Light enough that you know it's not more than 5 or 6 years old, but enough color to let you know it has spent some decent time getting to know the inside of a charred oak barrel. The distiller is tight-lipped about exactly how old Town Branch is (along with other details on its production), but based on color and flavor I'd guess it's probably a 3 or 4 year old - just hitting its stride.