Oh Taste & See: 1729 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon

I mentioned in my recent post about the Philadelphia Whiskey Festival that 1792 Ridgemont Reserve has recently made my list of favorite bourbons. I'm not ready to say exactly where on my list it falls, but I encourage you to try a glass and decide for yourself how it stacks up on your list of favorites. 1792 Ridgemont Reserve takes its name from the year in which Kentucky became a state (the 15th state if you're counting). It's an eight year old small batch bourbon bottled in Bardstown by Barton Distilling Company (a division of Sazerac), and designated the "Official Toasting Bourbon of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival." Given that Christmas and New Years are coming up I think a 'toasting bourbon', whatever you think that means, is a great thing to have on hand.

The first thing you'll notice about 1792 is its distinctive bottle. It has a nice squat shape, and a unique burlap ring around the neck that makes it easy to pour - no glass-on-glass contact between the bottle and your glass. When examining the bottle you'll notice that this is a 93.7 proof bourbon, but don't expect a throat burner. Ridgemont Reserve drinks as smooth as many 80 proofers. Enough about the bottle though, let's pop off the wood-capped cork and have a taste.

Color: 1792 has a perfect bourbon color the shade of rich honey. In the light it has just a slight orange tint to it.

Nose: The nose is very clean and pleasant. It doesn't give away the high proof at all which allows you to enjoy the complex flavors without being overwhelmed by alcohol. There's a strong pepper note and hints of pine, wood, and fruitiness.

Flavor: The flavor isn't as oaky as you'd expect in an eight year old bourbon, but there are oak notes, and several other flavors shine through in place of tons of oak. I picked up notes of pepper, honey, citrus, and a nice smoky taste. This bourbon has plenty of bite to it, but is nice and crisp, not harsh. Bourbon drinkers will appreciate its unique character, and I think even people who don't love bourbon will enjoy the lighter but still complex flavors that 1792 offers.

Finish: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve finishes like it started, clean and crisp. The finish isn't overly long, but it is pleasing with tart flavors and smoky oak hanging around just long enough to get you to the next toast.

As I've already said, this has jumped onto my list of favorite bourbons because it is a unique and well-rounded drink with a spicy bite that I really enjoy. I also love the packaging, and at a price point in the $25 range it's a great value too. As I finish my glass I'll offer my favorite from the 1792 Book of Toasts that I picked up at the Philadelphia Whiskey Festival:
To the great state of Kentucky. To white fences, green hills, and strong mares. To a great bottle of bourbon. And to friends who know how to share. Cheers!


The Realistic Housewife said...

Hey, just found your blog when I googled this whiskey - I used some in a recipe and would like to link to your blog post about it. Great description! Thanks!

Patriot57 said...

Can you provide your "Favorites" list?

WhiskeyJim said...

Favorites list...that's a moving target as I'm constantly tasting stuff I like and then re-tasting stuff I thought I liked to realize it's nothing special. Some classics that always stay near the top of my list are Wild Turkey (101 is a consistent classic and Russell's Reserve is a nice treat when you want something special)...Maker's Mark is always Maker's Mark, and that's good when you need it...Buffalo Trace, 1792, Eagle Rare, and Ancient Age are all 'Sazerac' products that are hard to beat in their respective price ranges...so there's a start. :)

Jade Graham said...

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