Whiskey Bars Popping Up Everywhere in Philadelphia

Over the past few years the bar scene in Philadelphia has really taken off. Dozens of new brewpubs, craft-beer dens, and "fashionable speakeasy" style bars, have opened in various neighborhoods across the city, and most of them seem to be doing plenty of business, which is great to see. Recently we've even seen the addition of a few new whiskey-focused bars, to compete with some of the great whiskey bars that have been serving the thirsty in Philadelphia for years.

While these new kids on the block certainly bring their "A game" in terms of whiskey selection, creative cocktails, and interesting atmosphere, there's still something to be said for the old classics. Philadelphia's classic whiskey dens continue to serve awesome drinks, with a side of friendly bar-chat, in an understated, self-assured way that the newly opened joints just can't match.

Over the next few weeks I'll be visiting and reviewing some of Philadelphia's best whiskey bars. I'll definitely visit the bars listed in the poll to the left, and I'm happy to add to my list based on suggestions from my readers. My current vote for the best whiskey bar in Philadelphia is Southwark. We'll see if that preference changes as I visit the other bars with fresh eyes.


Ryan said...

Hey Jim, I'm a fellow Philadelphian but live outside the city and don't generally go out to bars. However, I am looking for a place to meet up with my brother-in-law and have a drink that is near the trains (Suburban Stn or Market East preferably). I'd like to be able to have a nice glass of whisk(e)y. Any recommendations for a place to go?

Whiskey Jim said...

Although none of my top picks for whiskey are within easy walking distance of the train stations, you're not out of luck. Near Market East Station you could try Cooperage at 7th & Sansom. It's a few blocks from the station, but most of that distance can be covered before you come up above ground, so it feels closer. They have a really good selection of whiskeys, wine, and beer. http://cooperagephilly.com/

Near Suburban Station I would recommend Tir Na Nog which is right over top of the station at 15th & Arch. It's a traditional Irish pub, but a bit more upscale than average. Their back bar has a good selection of Irish whiskey, Scotch, and bourbon. http://www.tirnanogphilly.com/


Ryan said...

Thanks! Both of those look great. I appreciate the help.

Ryan said...

Thanks Jim, I finally did make it out - went to Cooperage. I obviously don't go out that often! Thanks for the suggestion, they definitely had a good enough whisky list to keep me satisfied!