Welcome to Whiskey Jim's Ramblings

Welcome to my blog about all things Whiskey. I hope you enjoy reading and responding to what I have to say about my favorite beverage, and if you would ever like to hear my thoughts on any specific whiskey-related topic, no matter how tangential the relationship, just let me know.

First things first, I'd like you to know how I came to name my blog Whiskey Jim's Ramblings. Obviously, my given name is Whiskey Jim, so that explains that part. I chose to use the Whiskey spelling of the word (as opposed to Whisky) because, again, it's my given first name, and because I was born and raised in Kentucky where our native spirit is usually spelled Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and I would feel like a traitor spelling it any other way. However I don't feel treasonous in the least when drinking products labeled with the Whisky spelling.

I chose the title Ramblings for two reasons: first, as you may have already noticed, I tend to ramble (definition #2). While writing this blog I fully intend to ramble on-and-on about the intricate details of the world of whiskey. Second, whiskey has long been the beverage of choice for ramblers (definition #1) - from kilt-clad highland troubadours of the British Isles to the lonesome cowboys of the American west, to the modern-day restless hipster roaming from bar-to-bar in search of inspiration. To a rambler like you or me, whiskey is a great companion when exploring what's beyond yonder hill.

Now that you know where we're going, sit back, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy. Hell, make it a double...