Seriously? Jack D. in a Can?

Not to offend anyone who's into this kind of thing, but I was a bit shocked, and saddened when I learned that Jack Daniels is releasing a line of pre-mixed cocktails in aluminum bottles, and in some states aluminum cans. I know the liquor business is driven by marketing, but I hate to see an American icon cheapened and literally watered down - these things clock in at a mighty 5% ABV.

If you can't mix your own Jack and Coke then I personally feel like you shouldn't be drinking at all - you haven't earned the right. For the price-conscious among us,  750mL bottle of Jack costs under $20 and a two liter of coke about $2. My rough calculations say that for about $24 you could make at least fifteen twelve-ounce Jack and Cokes, so unless these things sell for under $2 per bottle they're ripping you off.

I guess the world's best selling whiskey has to do something to keep growing the brand though, and now that Four Loko is off the market I guess college students need a new, disposable, easy to chug option for getting wasted. I can assure you this is one product you won't see reviewed on this blog.

Rant Over :)