New Products and New Rankings

First, in a follow-up to my post from last week there is yet another new whiskey on the market from one of the biggest of the big boys. Jim Beam's premium Knob Creek line has introduced its first single-barrel expression. The new bottling will be called Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve, and will be priced around $40 per bottle. Knob Creek is a nice sippin' bourbon, and one I think has a nice sharp bite to it. At 120 proof, this new single-barrel version should bring even more of that bite, and I look forward to sampling a bit.

While new whiskeys keep coming out, some classics are racking up awards from Malt Advocate Magazine. It was good to see a nice range of highly attainable (Evan Williams) and highly unattainable (Glenfarclas 40 Year Old) whiskeys on the list.