Thrift Store Score!

Taking myself too seriously is one of my favorite pastimes. Therefore I can't help amassing a needlessly large collection of glassware. Browsing through cassette tapes and old polo shirts today at a thrift store I stumbled upon these winners:

A pair of Crown Royal rocks glasses with '2000' printed on them. I guess I need to find a vintage bottle of crown to match these things. Is it obvious from this one that glassware photography is beyond my abilities as a photographer?

This Glenfiddich snifter looked cloudy and yellow in the thrift shop but after a quick scrub it's as good as new.

Not whiskey related, but these little Sam Adams tumblers will be great for sharing a bottle of beer with a friend, or serving up little mixed drinks...or milk...or OJ...

All in all a VERY successful trip to the thrift store considering I got all this glassware, plus two Willie Nelson cassette tapes for only $5.02!