A Couple New Micro-Distilleries

While going through the emails piled up in my inbox - which isn't nearly as fun as a big stack of paper mail used to be after a long vacation - I came across articles about two new micro-distilleries whose whiskies have recently hit the market and sound quite interesting.

The first article was about Reservoir Distillery of Richmond, VA which just came out with a very small-batch bourbon that's currently available only in 375 mL bottles and only by special order in Virginia which has a notoriously silly state-run system of liquor stores.

The other new-to-me whiskey that I read about in this article is an unaged corn whiskey that's also made in Virginia with a 1933 vintage copper still and a pre-prohibition recipe. The Belmont Farm Distillery grows and mills its own corn on-site for its Virginia Lightening, and also offers a triple-grain whiskey called Kopper Kettle that should have a very unique flavor after spending time in locally-sourced apple wood and white oak barrels.

Since I don't have any plans to head to Virginia in the near future I'd love to hear from anyone who has a chance to try either of these whiskeys.


P Alan said...

Hey, thanks for posting about Reservoir. I'm new to Richmond and was excited about a bourbon made in town! I started with a bottle of rye - 375ml for $45. As they say in Minnesota, "it's kinda spendy, eh?" I'm a frugal guy and it was against my nature to buy--but it will become a regular thing for me. It was one of the better ryes I've had.

Tonight I opened a bottle of bourbon and expected a similar experience. Price was about the same. So we're getting into the price territory of Jefferson's Private Reserve or a great Pappy's here. It's good. Not great. The predominate flavors are maple and vanilla and they compete with each other. The finish is short and leaves an alcohol aftertaste.

I haven't tried the wheat whiskey, but I will report as soon as I do.

Whiskey Jim said...

Thanks for the comment - I still haven't seen this stuff on shelves anywhere near Philly, but I might be making a trip to VA soon and I'll try to pick up a bottle. I'll take your advice and try the Rye.

Anonymous said...

Here is the new Reservoir Distillery website, http://www.reservoirdistillery.com/ . I hear their whiskey is soon to be available in Florida, Delaware and New York so you may not have to travel all the way to VA for a taste. It's pricey but tasty!